Training & Support

Ongoing guidance is a key part of our business model, allowing you the freedom to run your own service, all with the security of a professional and knowledgeable team of remapping experts behind you.

You will be trained to a high standard to ensure that you are fully comfortable with the equipment, along with the reading and writing process of the maps within the ECU.

Unlike some other franchise models, the support doesn’t stop as soon as you’re up and running. Our dedicated support team is available seven days-a-week, with our remapping specialists available to answer any queries you may have, so you can continue to deliver a quick and professional service while taking on new customers.

To help protect you should you need it, we also offer a lifetime software warranty.

This protects you in the unlikely event that a map does not perform. The length of the warranty demonstrates our confidence in the product.

We also provide a mechanical breakdown warranty should a customer find a fault with their vehicle following a tune.

Our Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our franchisees have to say…

"Becoming an Elite Remap Dealer was a no-brainer for us – most of our business is MOTs and tyre replacement, but we can make more per hour on a remap than either of those – and even better, it can be done at the same time!"
Warren Bayston, Aberdeen
“I chose Elite for its wide-range of maps and support structure…The business is as profitable as you want it to be. I am now making a better living than I ever have, and the best thing is that I can choose how much work I take on.”
Jens Salac, Munich

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